The Pashmina Goat builds community partnership by using sound science to determine priorities for protecting the Pashmina Goat and Pashmina Industry Ecosystem. Some of them are listed below:

  • Understanding Pashmina Goat behaviour and habitat.
  • Listening to the community to identify needs.
  • Seeking resources for sustaining long-term programs for sustaining the Pashmina Ecosystem.

Art Exhibition

We believe that Art can become a powerful medium to express the sensitivity related to Global Issues. Pashmina Goat Program regularly organises Art Exhibitions that make an attempt to sensitize the general public and the policy makers on issues related to Climate Change and Pashmina Goat Eco-System. Such Art Exhibition become the centre point for a meaningful dialogue and discuss the policy frameworks related to the Pashmina Eco-system.


Help protect a Pashmina Goat living in the wild! Every symbolic Pashmina Goat adoption package helps protect the endangered Pashmina Goat by funding the conservation efforts needed most. If this adoption is a gift, you can provide their address during checkout. Your adoption package includes:

  • Personalized certificate.
  • Pashmina Goat Fact Sheet.
  • Please note: this is an all-electronic adoption.

We bring together people all over the world who want to help or be a part of this initiative.

Working against the ecological imbalance and protecting the Pashmina Goat's specie. Providing balance between trade and nature.

Artworks about the Pashmina Goat. Where we express our motive through artworks and paintings.

We make sure that any Pashmina product that we represent didn't come because of harming the Pashmina Goat specie.

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Founded in 2013, the Pashmina Goat Program is a globa initiative of KASHMIRINK Foundation (NGO) the world’s leading authority on the study and protection of the endangered Pashmina Goat. With programs and staff in four Pashmina Goat range countries, and connections with researchers and conservation organizations around the world.

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