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What is Team Pashmina Goat?

It is our team of dedicated supporters who choose to give monthly donations to protect Pashmina Goat. Members of team Pashmina Goat have told us that “by pledging monthly support, I get to feel good about helping these amazing creatures every month. I feel great knowing that I’m doing something significant to help a cause I care about, and I don’t have to remember when I last donated.”

Team Pashmina Goat supporters allow us to:

Embark on the long-term scientific studies that are the key to understanding – and knowing how to protect – this elusive species; Cultivate in-depth community partnerships that are the backbone of our work – knowing we’ll be able to carry through with these commitments.
Join now to become part of our Team – or give a year’s membership as a gift! When you join, you’ll receive an exclusive iron-on patch in appreciation to showcase your dedication to these cats.

Team Pashmina Goat Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are my monthly gifts processed?

After your initial donation, your subsequent donations will be automatically charged to your credit card on the first day of each month.

Q. Is there a minimum monthly donation?

Yes. $5 per month.

Q. What if I want to change the amount or the credit card information for my monthly gifts?

You are always free to change your donation at any time. Simply contact info@pashminagoat.com to do so.

Q. How will I receive a receipt that I can use for tax purposes?

When you set up your recurring donation, you will receive a letter confirming your enrolment, and your new Team Pashmina Goat patch. In January, we will send you an annual giving statement, which can serve as a tax receipt. If you need a duplicate, or have specific requirements for the letter, please contact info@pashminagoat.com and we can provide you with a suitable receipt.

Q. What if I change my mind? Can I cancel anytime?

You remain in control of your giving. With a phone call or email message, you can change, suspend, or cancel your monthly giving. Our Office Manager, is happy to help you change or cancel your donations at any time. Just email info@pashminagoat.com

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| Where We Work?

The Pashmina Goat Program works in over 5 countries where Pashmina Goat is found. Collectively, these 5 countries contain majority of the world’s population of Pashmina Goat. Each nation presents a unique set of challenges, but through key partnerships, we are creating successful conservation programs in vital habitat areas. With associates across the globe we try to create sustainable conservation programs that benefit both people and wildlife alike and helps build a sustainable Pashmina Industry Eco-system

| Testimonies

Dr. Prof. R K Ganjoo | Director Institute of Himalayan Glaciology

Pradeep Dutta | Bureau Chief TIMES NOW J&K

Dr. Alka Sharma | Prof. The Business School, University of Jammu, J&K

Ranjeet Kalra | Asst. Director Academic Staff College University of Jammu, J&K

Dipankar Sengupta | HoD Dept. of Economics, Univ of Jammu J&K

Dr. Komal Nagar | Asst. Prof. The Business School, Univ of Jammu

| FAQs

About the Pashmina Goat Program:

Q. How does the Pashmina Goat Program protect snow Pashmina Goat?

Founded in 2013, the Pashmina Goat Program is a globa initiative of KASHMIRINK Foundation (NGO) the world’s leading authority on the study and protection of the endangered Pashmina Goat. The Pashmina Goat's range encompasses mountainous Central Asian Countries. The Pashmina Goat Program currently building programs in India and other South East Asian Countries. With programs and staff in four Pashmina Goat range countries, and connections with researchers and conservation organizations around the world, the Pashmina Goat Program is a leader in the effort to secure the future of the snow leopard. In which countries does the Pashmina Goat Program work?

Q. In which countries does the Pashmina Goat Program work?

The Pashmina Goat Program works Primarily in India, Nepal, Pakistan and China where Pashmina Goat are found. Collectively, these 4 countries contain majority of the world’s population of Pashmina Goat.

Q. Is there a way I can make sure my donation is being used effectively?

At the Pashmina Goat Program we strive to use every dollar as effectively as possible. We start by making sure that operations are as efficient as possible. Over the past years we were running small sensitization programs that primarily involved Art Exhibitions. But using funds wisely goes beyond just low fund raising expenditures. The Program also only hires local hires in range countries. Our local staff have a better understanding of our partner communities, speak the languages, and don’t require expensive International air tickets to get to work. This is one of the many reasons the Pashmina Goat Program can be most effective.

Q. How was the Pashmina Goat Program founded?

The Pashmina Goat Program was founded in 2013 by KASHMIRINK Foundation. Babar Afzal, who is the Chairman of the KASHMIRINK Foundation has been working on bringing more visibility to this magnificent specie from several years. He was the first person to chair of the Pashmina Goat Round Table Conference & Survival Plan.

Q. I am working on a media project and need to contact the Pashmina Goat Program for information. What is my first step?

Please send your inquiry to Babar Afzal at info@pashminagoat.com

Q. Can I use a photo I saw on your website??

That depends on the specific image you’d like to use and the purpose you’re intending to use it for. Many of the photos on our website were donated to us by our Artist Partners, but we don’t necessarily own the rights to all them. Please contact info@pashminagoat.com with a copy of the photo you’d like to use and a description of how you’re planning to use it.

About Pashmina Goat:

Q. Why are Pashmina Goats endangered?

For decades, Pashmina Goats have been facing a number of threats that have reduced their numbers significantly.

Q. How many Pashmina Goats are left in the wild?

According to the IUCN, the estimated population of these Pashmina Goats in the wild is between 1,75,000. What are the countries where Pashmina Goats live? Pashmina Goat range extends across 4 countries in Central Asia. They are India, Pakistan, Nepal, China, India.

Q. Where can I see a Pashmina Goat in the wild?

It is very difficult to see a Pashmina Goat in the wild due to their shy and elusive nature and due to the remote and rugged terrain in which they live. Statistically, the best chances of seeing a Pashmina Goat are Ladakh, India in the months of June and July.

Q. How many years does a Pashmina Goat live?

Snow leopards in zoos have lived as long as 21 years. In the wild, it is estimated that an average lifespan is 10-12 years.

Q. Do Pashmina Goats attack people?

There is no documented account of a Pashmina Goat attacking a human.

Q. I’m looking for scientific and research papers on Pashmina Goats. Is there a resource for finding in-depth information?

The bibliography on the Pashmina Goat Network is an excellent resource for scholarly articles on snow leopards and related issues.

About My Support:

Q. How do I make a donation?

We accept donations on our secure website at www.pashminagoat.com Alternatively, donations can be mailed to us at: Pashmina Goat Program, KASHMIRINK Foundation, Khair-Ud-Din 7-Extn. Area Indl. Estate Jammu Cantt. Jammu J&K 180002, India .

Q. What is a Pashmina Goat Adoption?

Every Pashmina Goat adoption package includes a variety of interesting and fun things as well as helping protect the endangered Pashmina Goat by funding the research and conservation efforts needed most. The adoption is only symbolic.

Q. What is Team Pashmina Goat and how can I join?

Team Pashmina Goat is our team of dedicated supporters who sign up for automatic monthly donations to protect snow leopards.

Q. How do I update my credit card information used for my automatic monthly donations?

Please contact info@pashminagoat.com

Q. How do I inform you if I change my address?

Please contact info@pashminagoat.com

Q. How do I share my preferences for how I want to be contacted?

We are happy to contact you however you prefer. Please just email us at info@pashminagoat.com and let us know what you like! To donors and contributors we generally send through the postal mail a paper newsletter 4 times per year, plus 2 fundraising requests (one in spring and one fall). We also send a monthly e-newsletter, and additional information about product sales or opportunities to get involved in conservation (generally averaging 3 per month). We are happy to send you just emails, just postal mail, just our newsletter (but no fundraising letters) – or nothing at all!

Q. Will my information remain private?

The Pashmina Goat Progeam will never share or sell any of your personal information under any circumstance.

Q. I am an artist and/or represent a business, how can I help?

The Pashmina Goat Program has a wonderful group of artists and business partners who support our work through their work, either by donating artwork or by donating proceeds from sales.

Q. How can I volunteer for the Pashmina Goat Program?

We are very grateful for the help we receive from our wonderful volunteers. Most of our volunteer needs are at our office in J&K, India, but sometimes there are projects or events farther afield that a volunteer can become involved in. If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at info@pashminagoat.com

Q. How can my child help support your cause?

Please read the ‘How Kids Can Help’ section on our website.

Q. Does the Pashmina Goat Program offer graduate student research or volunteer positions in field research?

There are a very limited number of opportunities to participate in our field research.

Field Volunteers:

If you would like to be considered for the following year’s field research, please send the following to info@pashminagoat.com

  • Your resume or CV (maximum 2 pages).
  • A short statement (maximum 250 words) describing your specific interests and goals pertaining to volunteering for a snow leopard-related research or conservation project.
  • Your availability – both total length of time (number of weeks or months) and time frame (what months of what year or years).

Graduate Students:

There usually are a very limited number of opportunities for graduate students to participate in our field research. The students need to provide their own funding and have research questions or the focus of their thesis overlapping with our research. If you get to that point, please contact us at info@pashminagoat.com to find out what information we would need from you to be considered.

Q. How can I stay informed about the Pashmina Goat Program's research and conservation efforts?

Check out our page on

Q. Can I support the Pashmina Goat Program through social media?

Social media provides us the opportunity to share our cause with more people than ever before. Simply by liking our pages and sharing our posts, you can help spread the word to people we may never have reached otherwise.

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